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Secret Fleet Street Walk

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Explore the hidden byways of this fascinating area. Discover monks, knights, printers, a buried river and a demon barber.

This historic street of ‘ink and drink’ attracted writers and poets throughout the ages, including Shakespeare and Dr Johnson.

See where newspapers began and hear the tale of Sweeney Todd. Visit the famous tavern Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and stroll through the heart of legal London to a Crusader church.


The Secret Fleet Street walk shows you these sites in under 2 hours:


1. Site of Elizabethan Theatre

2. Remains of Whitefriars Monastery

3. Location of River Fleet

4. Mural to history printing

5. Daily Telegraph and Express Newspaper buildings

6. Dr Johnson's House

7. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

8. Temple Church


Booking is essential. Please note we only offer group bookings of 6 adults and over.


Complete our Booking Form and we will create a unique walk just for your group which could include a visit to the LONDON SILVER VAULT where you can shop for unique and beautiful priceless pieces of silver jewellery or take afternoon tea on the ROOFTOP CAFE of the the One Change shopping centre or maybe take in a visit to St Paul's Catherdral.




1.The last two journalists working in Fleet Street are leaving what was once seen as the centre of UK journalism.

Reporters Gavin Sherriff and Darryl Smith worked for the Dundee-based Sunday Post, which closes its London office on Friday.

For decades Fleet Street was synonymous with the nation's biggest newspapers.


2. Pies and murder – two perennials of London life. It‘s no wonder, then, that we have a long-standing fascination with the legend of Sweeney Todd, the serial-killing hairdresser with a sideline in baked goods. As Tim Burton‘s take on the bloody tale hits the cinema, Lee Jackson looks at the truth behind the legend








Thanks for a GREAT tour! The Local Residents quotes were interesting, there is always use ful to share their story - Gisela on the Tea, Tech Tour of the Olympic Park 2017


“To everyone interested in a guided tour of London...I can only recommend the walking tour that I did last Sunday with my friend from Germany.

It was very easy to book and a very flexible and personal tour that catered for our individual interests.Great value for money! I have no doubt that I will book another tour with you again!”

M.Lenehan, Northern Ireland


“We really enjoyed the walk. Steve was a great guide well informed and entertaining. It was good to know that our money will go towards something really worthwhile. Thank you. “

Alan S. Martins, USA

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