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We often feel that Whitechapel has been hard done by with the Ripper walks and so we have added the Gems of Whitechapel to our Jack the Ripper Walk by starting this walk at Whitechapel Tube station and working our way along Whitechapel High Street towards Aldgate East.

This lively high street holds some historic gems, some of which left a huge legacy on our nation.


1. It was the place where Londoners fought on the streets to say no to fascism

2. The home of our very own Al Capones, the Krays

3. The sad story of the so called Elephant man and his shop

4. The scene of a crazy gun fight which involved Winston Churchill complete with pistol and top hat

5. The place where Lenin and Trotsky met to shape the events of the world history.

6. Then onto the explore Jack the Ripper victims beginning at the site where Martha Tabram was found dead 5am at the George Yard building; then onto where Mary Nichols was murdered on 31 August 1888; discovering where the body of Annie Chapman was found in the yard of 29 Hanbury Street on the 8 September;  followed by poor Elizabeth Stride who was found murdered on 30 September 1888 Dutfield's Yard, off Berner Street and on the same night/early morning Catherine Eddowes was found in Mitre Square in the City of London at  about 1.45am.

You will then be able to hear how another 3 victims Mary Kelly killed on 9 November 1888, Alice McKenzie on 17 July 1889 and Frances Coles  who was murdered on 13 February 1891.

7. This tour will end at Aldgate East Tube Station.

Duration 2 hours.

You can also book a FULL Jack the Ripper Tour starting from Aldgate East concentrating only on this infamous serial murderer.



Complete our Booking Form and we will create a unique walk just for your group which could include Jack the Ripper, The Krays, Elephant Man plus much more. We'll even tell you where you can eat a top curry for which the area is world famous and maybe take a visit to the famous Bagel Shops, this really is it, history in a deprived area of London told in under two hours, earthy, real, told by locals and very, very London.




1. Based on DNA testing of a 126-year-old shawl, the author of a new book being released today claims to have solved one of history’s greatest murder mysteries and unmasked the identity of one of the most infamous serial killers of all time—Jack the Ripper.


2. Infamous murderer Jack the Ripper killed at least five London female prostitutes in 1888. Never captured, his identity is one of English's most famous unsolved mysteries.








Thanks for a GREAT tour! The Local Residents quotes were interesting, there is always use ful to share their story - Gisela on the Tea, Tech Tour of the Olympic Park 2017


Just a brief note to thank you and Lorna for the walking tour I participated in yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lorna is certainly knowledgeable about London and is generous in sharing little, unusual facts about the various sites we visited. I wish your venture every success.

William Willms, London


“A must see. These enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides will take you on informative and exciting walks around London in small groups.”

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“To everyone interested in a guided tour of London...I can only recommend the walking tour that I did last Sunday with my friend from Germany.

It was very easy to book and a very flexible and personal tour that catered for our individual interests.Great value for money! I have no doubt that I will book another tour with you again!”

M.Lenehan, Northern Ireland

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