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Walking Tour Guiding AQA Accredited Course

Social Media in the Workplace AQA Accredited course

Level 1 & 2

Project name and description

A Walking Route into Self-employment


Gain an Open College Network Level 2 accreditation in Walking Tour Guiding for FREE whilst learning all about self-employment.

This course is for Tower Hamlets residents, especially those who are age 18 and over, who are unemployed or who work part-time. Walking Tour Guiding explores


Public Speaking


Self-employment Know How

Tour Guiding skills.


Introduction to Social Media in the Workplace


This AQA Level 3 accredited course aims to teach vital skills needed in the Workplace by most employers. This course begins on Tuesday 9th June 10-12pm and is 40 hours with flexible training hours with Registration on Monday 8th May 10am. It is a continuous assessment course followed by a final essay exploring how Social Media in the Workplace is different from using Social Media personally.

Modules covered will explore:

•What is Social Media / •How do we create a Social Media Policy

•What can or cannot be shared on Social Media / •Keeping Information confidential / •Rules to Follow when Posting

An Introduction to Social Media for Real Beginners & Older Residents


Introduction to Social Media for Real Beginners

and for Older Tower Hamlets' Residents

This workshop is free for Tower Hamlets resident age 45 - 80+ who are curious about how to use social media platforms.

Call us on 0208 980 5868 and leave your contact details if you wish to take part in these free introduction workshops for real beginners or

Email: info@londoncitysteps.