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What we do..

Experience the 'Real London'

Tailor-made Trips with Local Londoners

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We recruit people from all backgrounds, then train and employ them as tour guides. All of our profit goes towards this social objective. We hope that through this work, they can acquire new skills, grow in confidence, value teamwork and have knowledge of their local community.

Additionally we run AQA accredited courses in Social Media in the Workplace and Walking Tour Guiding for Beginners. We organise Tours both in London and to Ascot for the annual Royal Ascot Ladies Day event. We are passionate about promoting living a healthy lifestyle and so we have created Walking for Fitness, Breathing and Mindfulness exercises as a way of encouraging Visitors and Londoners to embrace London's wonderful open spaces particularly the new Queen Elisabeth 11 Olympic Park.

See the Classic Sights of London City

St Paul's Cathedral to Southwark Cathedral

Secret Fleet Street & Sweeney Todd

Technology in Queen Elizabeth Park

Our fabulous  ALL INCLUSIVE day TOUR PACKAGES includes:

Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Bombay Sapphire Distillery Tours

Chocolate Boat Cruise

Christmas Party Cruise

We feel that Whitechapel has been hard done by with the Ripper walks and so we have added the Gems of Whitechapel to our Jack the Ripper Walk by starting this walk at Whitechapel Tube station...

On this stimulating yet relaxing Cathedral to Cathedral walk we'’ll start at the magnificent St Paul's Cathedral, cross the river on the Millenium Bridge crossing to Bankside to Shakespeare's Globe,

Just click on the "Any highlighted LINK" which will take you to our Eventbrite pages. Or if you prefer, just call us on +44 (0)208 980 5868 and leave your contact details.

Please note that Group Booking of 6 or more individuals is required for all Tours, Walks and Trips including our SECRET FLEET STREET WALK which takes in shopping at the LONDON SILVER VAULT, our TEA, TECH & OLYMPIC TOUR or any of our TAILOR-MADE TOUR which you create with us.

You will be in the hands of a trained and experienced local guide so feel free to chat and ask questions. All we ask is that you leave a review on Trip Adviser, preferably a favourable reveiw and follow us on Twitter.

Ps: All walks/tours are payable in advance but you can get a complete refund, less administrative fees if you let us know at least 24 hours beforehand. Thank you.



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